10Q with Kerry Embertson of Lost Coast Brewery

Kerry Embertson

Lost Coast Brewery, Eureka, CA

Head Brewer





What led you to a career in craft beer?

I was waiting tables in a brewpub in New Orleans, while finishing the prereqs for dental school.  I observed the brewer there and thought he had the coolest job.  I soon discovered all of the science classes I was taking were the perfect knowledge base for brewing!  I attended the American Brewer’s Guild and did my internship at Karl Strauss in San Diego.  They ended up hiring me and I haven’t looked back.  Plus, I love good craft beer!


If you weren’t doing this for a living, you’d probably be _________?

Can you get paid to sit on a beach and read?  That is my dream job.

Kerry Embertson Lost Coast Brewery

What are your five favorite beers of all time?

Surly’s Todd the Axeman, Ommegang Hennepin, Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye, Rolling Rock, Lost Coast Harvest Wheat.


If you could enjoy a beer with 3 people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

My wild and crazy Borys cousins, who all love craft beer.  There is 7 of them, so I guess I’m over my limit.


Your perfect meal and which beer(s) you’d pair with it.

Fresh, Dungeness crab out of Humboldt Bay paired with Lost Coast Great White.  An amazing combo.  The citrus in the pair compliments the buttery, richness of the crab.  I’d drink Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA while actually boiling the crabs outside, of course.

Kerry Embertson Lost Coast Brewery

Favorite beer quote OR drinking toast?

Save the Earth.  It’s the only planet with beer.


How have you seen the craft beer industry change over the past five years, and how do you see it changing in the next five?

The growth has been enormous in the past five years.  I waiting to see if all of the new brewery openings are sustainable and if a new style will ever overtake the dominance of IPA.


Favorite place to drink a beer?

On my family’s dock in Minnesota with my feet in the water.


Pretend it’s bring-your-fans-to-work day. What can we expect to see you doing during a typical day on the job?

Nothing glamorous. Meetings, boring paperwork, running around solving problems, with a little brewing thrown in here and there.


License to brag: what’s the best thing you’ve contributed to the craft beer universe?

Opening our new facility has been an amazing challenge.  We have a beautiful 120 bbl Rolec brewhouse and a completely new packaging line.  The brewhouse has allowed us to improve the flavor of our beers and put out a super consistent product.  We also are coming out with a brand new Double IPA named Fogcutter which is delicious, if I do say so myself!


A little-known fun fact about yourself.

I lived in a van on the beach in Homer, Alaska for a summer.  Probably the only beachfront property I’ll ever have.

Kerry Embertson Lost Coast Brewery


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